Friends #25

As always I am a magnet for the strange and unusual people in this world. Seems that rule applies even on social networking sites. lol

As you well know these are friend suggestions given in no particular order or reasoning.

Here we have a pretty Punk princess. She is a gemini that is into ballet, anger and punching people in the face! (just kidding I have no idea what she is into with exception of that lime green tutu. )


This young lady is either into rectal spelunking or farm livestock insemination. Either way she is not afraid to get her hands dirty… or wrists… or elbows….. possibly shoulder…


Not sure if this is some sort of advertisement for the purple haze smoke shop or a political statement for the word economy. Either way she is not afraid to place objects handled by millions of strangers before her… in her mouth…  lol


Not sure who Lyn is… but Lyn has some interesting friends… some might say this young lady would consider them the breast of friends!


Hmmm what can be said here that is not already being screamed….so to speak…

Wonder if this is Lyn!?  lol


Last but not least I am sure you all are so happy and cheering that I made a recent post. Want to apologize for such. Working from home now limits my exposure to such…. colorful people.  (careful what you wish for and all that).  So with that I say RAH RAH SIS BOOMBAH!



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  1. chewbaccauncircumcised

    i have no words. just, wow.

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