Start of vacation

So driving I had the radio on when they decided it would be a great idea to put a random Star Trek “fan” that had recently saw the movie.

When asked “How was the movie?” He replied emphatically ” Overall it was good, the special effects were really good. Even though you can’t hear explosions in space!”


Ok so you are watching science FICTION movie about interstellar travel, with aliens, photon torpedoes and phasers…….and your take away was the sound of explosions was not a believable part?

Then it was followed by a nutrition reporter saying e United nations suggests that to curb or obliterate world hunger we should consume insects!

So what you are saying is I should have the cockroach croutons on my three cricket salad with lightning bug dressing!?

Well if we have gotten that desperate….can I just point our we bury great cuts of meat everyday? Admit it, you are now looking at the person across from you and wonder if they taste like chicken or bacon! Lol

I stopped at a gas station where pulling in i saw this.


So if this is how it is worded I can pay for my gas with welfare coffee at no extra charge with a muffin? LOL

As I am in there I saw this as well. This speaks volumes to how lazy as humans we have become when the simplest food known to man has to be made bite sized.


 I noticed a man buying two grape four loko drinks with what I can only assume was his 6 year old son. Fr those of you not acquainted with such a drink, it is the maddog 20/20 of redbull and vodka.

As I was leaving I noticed him pulling out with the kid strapped down with BOTH seat belts in the back seat. I estimate he weighed maybe 30 lbs if that .

And the father of the year award goes to…..

I finally get to where I am spending the first part of vacation at, realizing I forgot to pack several things. So off to trusty WalMart!

As I am walking along I noticed a woman pushing a stroller that was completely enclosed. Of course I thought… “Really ugly baby?”. Worse… that woman is pushing a full grown DOG around in a damn stroller


I am walking through the sporting goods portion when this catches my eye. Do people really buy this crap?


I do not think I need to even comment on the double innuendo here. lol  Then again… NOM NOM NOM



I then stop off at CVS where I noticed there anti theft setup for deodorant! It makes a highly audible clicking noise so I imagine the workers know you are picking up the $4 stick of armpit concrete.  Sadly though  the $10 box of condoms or $10 bottles of wine had no security system…. Speaks volumes to the mentality here does it not?



Well this is just the beginning of my vacation.. however this is the end of my post… period



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