Still on vacation

As many of you know I am on vacation, or as my boss likes to call it “keeping me away from society”!

As I am spending most of my time sleeping and paying Xbox the opportunities to meet interesting people have been limited.

However here is what I saw on my most recent adventure with my friend Monica and working on a project with G.

Ever want a fresh start…. a new beginning in life? Well now you can have one! IT COMES IN A BOTTLE!!


Ok.. as much as I can appreciate wanting to standout and express yourself….. bejeweled earbuds? Seriously!? We really have more money than good taste as society.


So as always I somehow end up at WalMart ( I think mostly because it is a great treasure trove of sarcasm fodder). I came across this….. wtf buys their tickets at a WalMart for a movie??  Especially at 8am on a Saturday!


I get home and wanted to find a program to edit the pics I have here for my tablet and as I am looking through the options I landed on this! Seriously people…. do you not read before allowing certain programs to be put on the marketplace??


I leave you with these parting words! (Ladies DO NOT… I repeat…. DO NOT LISTEN to these lies!!!!!)








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