Friends 25

As always my social networking site has spat forth its offering of friend fodder for my perusal. As always I turn around and give you the more “interesting” ones.

(FYI some of you might have had this one spoiled for you as I realized I accidentally loaded them with my last post, no need to look as they are gone now! Though I know you just had to check lol)

So as a child of the 80s I am sure you know rainbow brite. We tracked her down and found she was “dancing” for drinks and tips! Lol


Somewhere out there is a parent thinking “I really wish my daughter would stop studying for her MCAT test and just go out, get drunk/ stoned and spank strippers ass!


This to me just says “What do you mean I am not trashy enough! Give me the bottle of tequila and ill show you trashy the likes of which will make that donkey blush!”


Maybe it is a cultural thing…..but when do boyscouts try to look tough and gangsta!? Lol


I can see now kids flipping though the old photo album and saying “Mom why are you spanking “aunt” (insert name here) at a party?


Interesting Halloween…..a devilish Santa and someone that looks like he got groped over by several horny spirits!


So you thought the 70s and David Bowie/ziggy stardust was weird? You ain’t seen weird!


Last but not least this by far is the most mind bending, gut wrenching picture I have ever laid eyes on till today! I have no word to describe!



Ha fooled you!


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  1. Great pictures and was laughing throughout the post 🙂

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