Monthly Archives: June 2013

Last time he’ll ever piss me off!

When I was a manager for WalMart I used to have a District manager that thrived on giving people a hard time because he could. Often he would walk around the store nit picking on minor things because he felt “If you let the little things slide then the big things start to become little things eventually!”

He once decided to berate me in front of the employees over some fishtanks having a little algae knowing full well I had been on vacation the week before.

So fast forward to my last month of working there and it was my turn to do the “Wall of value”. Most likely those of you that have shopped wally world have seen it and maybe not known it true name or such.

Basically it is a 12-24 foot row of shelves that can have anything from clorox to oreos that are cheaper than any of the competition. 

So for my last month I decided to go out with a bang… pardon the foreshadowing pun.

I ordered several cases of lime green Twisted pleasure condoms and several case of KY personal lubricant, then proceeded to clip strip them on every 4 feet of the wall. 

When he came in the next visit he saw it and went nuclear, then he saw i had increased the sales of each product 300%. 

I took some heat but I got my  pound of flesh! I also got many complaints from the more conservative people saying WalMart was promoting premarital sex! I am sure these were the same people saying we were Devil worshiping satanist because we hung stuffed animals from the ceiling during Christmas time… but that is a story for another time.