Odd things I hear on Xbox!

So as many of you know I am an avid gamer. With that sometimes allows me to meet interesting and sometimes very odd people.

One such game some of you may know or even play. Call of Duty.  Even though the game is M rated (Mature for the non-ESRB enlightened) you usually get a decent mixed of young minds and old souls.

Below are some of the odder conversations I have over heard during round changes.

We are playing a round of Team Death match and I am the lead scorer. I get the final kill with what is called the hellstorm  missile. We are playing the map “Raid” and I drop it on the kitchen area of the map. (Lost yet? LOL) Anyway coming out of the round I hear the opponent I killed with the aforementioned missile and he screams.  “Damn it I just came out the closet and he killed me!”  Needless to say there was a lot of laughter and a few jokes at him from both teams! 

At another time I was playing with some friends when we got to talking about something in current affairs or history. When this young boy maybe 13-14 started talking to us. I am not sure exactly how we got on the subject but the boy blurted out.  “The Cold War ended in the fifties!”. 

After a few seconds of bewildered silence my team mate repeated “Did you say the coldwar ended in the 50s?”. The boy acknowledged this as if he had said something profound! I the n promptly said “You should go to school tomorrow and scream at your  history teacher, you are the child left behind!”  Both teams erupted into laughter and the boy promptly left (dashboarded)


Recently we had the opportunity to play with a worldly and wise young lady that had dreams of living life to the fullest! How was I able to come to this conclusion you might ask? With the utterance of one simple phrase!  “I hate school and stuff, I wish I could just play cod all day instead of reading and studying stuff!” (I know at this point some of you are facepalming and the parents are really wanting to go talk to teachers about their kids) .


I decided to jump into a game with a random assortment of people since no one I knew was on the game at that time. I struck up a conversation with several people on my team and they seemed quite normal… until the young lady spoke.

“Honey we need to go to bed early to get up and got get my dentures!”  One of her friends less that tactfully asked her age which was in the 20s  (She gave her exact age but cannot recall).  Now understand there may have been a number of reasons why this young woman had to go get to said choppers (some of you are laughing because you read that in Arnold’s voice), but to announce such things publicly just struck me as odd.



Finally tonight I was playing and one of my teammates was eating,  Guy was  crunching in his mic when another asks “dude what are you eating?”
“raisin bran!”
“ok well the match is starting!”
“Hold on I have to pick the raisins out!”

Needless to say this really made me laugh at the absurdity of such a scene.


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