So another day in the life of …. me

So in getting ready to have company we decided to go out and get some things.  This trip consisted of several places. Lucky for me they were chocked full of fun.

First stop was WalMart, breeding pool for all that is hilarious.

Could not help but notice these two things sitting right by one another as I walked by. I could have not asked for a better example of Artistic expression lol



So during the time there we happened to walk through the clothing areas. I could not help but notice the tag on this bra and promptly did as instructed here, however the young lady did not appreciate the same.  I am not allowed near her anymore… lol




 We then leave there to go shopping for food. Next stop Wegmans! 


During this we happened to notice this woman in her mustang…. sporting wood! (Yeah G rolled her eyes on that joke too!)





As most of you know I am not a drinker, however our company is along with G.  So we stopped at the alcohol section or as I like to call it “Beer land”


Espresso Beer?  So… for those nights where you want to get hammered and have plenty of energy to do it! Now here is the perfect choice!



Lucifer beer… not sure what this side effect this may cause… but I am damn sure the commercial has Johnny Cash’s Ring of fire playing! lol


Perhaps I have been doing this too long and my mind goes straight to the gutter… (Be quiet G, I can hear you agreeing!) But when I see something that says “Torpedo Yogurt” I cannot help but think….. well you know! HAHAHAHA



Now we are all done (btw G is slowly trying to kill me by forcing me to eat healthy! All these damn Vegetables and fruits!) and we go out to go home.


OOOO Look! An Asshat in a Lexus who read “How to park like an asshole to bring more attention to your lack of penis!”   Written by IrmaDouche



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