Monthly Archives: August 2013

Another boring weekend

As you can tell by the title nothing significant happened. However there were a few interesting things.

Mainly I have been put on a new diet by G called the paleo diet. (No I am not chasing fucking squirrels or hunting my own woolly mammoth!)   This requires eating all organic foods, which by the way I may as well be hunting and fucking gathering since finding half these ingredients are damn near impossible.

Whilst at the local premium grocery store I came across some interesting things.

While looking for arrowroot flour (which I cannot find and if ANY person knows where I can find some please let me know!) I came across these cookies….

Lemon Broccoli… So if you want your children to hate you BEFORE the teen years, here is an EXCELLENT way to do it!


Chia Seeds…. not sure if I am supposed to eat these or spread them on a clay bust of a sheep and watch it sprout!


I heard these shirts from 4 aisles away!


Ironically I came home to this posted on my facebook by my friend Montrese! He actually saw these two and had to share! lol As far as the theory goes.. these two had to have lost a bet!


Later on my Mother came up for the day to see us and treat us to lunch! When it came time for dessert I happened to see this!  Not sure about you all… but something tells me I am going to need more than two “scoops” for my Happy ending! Also… would you think the waitress would be topless?



Forgot to mention the woman I saw in the 4 wheel drive SUV with the Bumper sticker that read “Suburbia: A place where they tear down trees and name streets after them!” Tad hypocritical given the mode of transportation she was driving and the area in which she was living in! lol