So even when I am asleep shit gets weird

So it seems my brain decided to have  an adventure while I was asleep.

 So as the dream goes I am grown as I am now working somehow I am back in college.  My boss who is played by Heather Locklear (I watched Franklin and bash before bed so this sort of makes sense) walked up to me when I was at the movies and asked me if I had turned in all of my three term papers I had due to this one teacher (flash of image of average looking white guy  no name)  which I had not even started. 

She then revealed if I did not pass this class I was no longer employed with the comp any. (This was a history class I believe and nothing to do with my current profession. ) 

i walk out of the theatre and I am in my hometown mall back how it looked in the 80s          With all this bright neon lights and pink leopard print everywhere! 

As I rush out to go do the three term papers that were due in a few hours I walk through a fire exit in the mall and I am in the middle of a college class where I am standing next to a female black teacher that looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and jasmine guy. Thick black glasses and a lot of  lipstick the color of dark cherry. 

I apologize for interrupting her class and ask “May I cut through the class to get to my home?” To which he replies ” No but you may help me find a cockmeat sandwich!” 

I woke up at this point and needed  water! Lol 


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  1. chewbaccauncircumcised

    sounds more like a nightmare!

  2. “cockmeat sandwhich” I don’t think have ever heard anyone use that term… I may have to work it into my daily serious conversations.

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