Today according to WordPress is my three year anniversary! So hookers and blow for everyone courtesy of WordPress!

To celebrate I could love to hear from you all! So if you have a fun picture or interesting story to share send it to my email or stop by and follow me at!/XDeviantOnex

As always all submissions are given credit from the contributors unless otherwise requested. So Come on ladies and gents, gimme the good stuff!


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  1. Congrats on being three years old! 🙂 And wow… hookers and blow courtesy of WP?! I knew that they were OK with the blow (no copyright laws for WP to obsess about enforcing) but I wasn’t so sure about the hookers… I’ve been hearing certain “rumors” that some WP bloggers have shut down for posting “pornographic” content.

    But as long as the hookers never display full frontal nudity or penetration of any body orifices, WP TOS is probably OK with hookers. But the hookers will never bother with WP because how the hell are they supposed to make a living here??? Lol 🙂

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