Going to the bank (reader submission)

So a friend told me a story of a trip to the bank today.


When standing in line there was a older woman in front of him with a thick NY accent. When it was her turn to speak with the teller he asked “How may I help you today?”. To which she replies “I want $500 withdrawn from my account and I want it in $1 bills!” Befuddle by this request the teller asks to clarify, “Are you sure you want all that money in singles?”. 

The woman replied “Yes because if the federal government shuts down again I want to be able to by groceries!”.  He complied and gave her $500 in all ones. Which was about 2 inches thick. She then left.


After hearing this story something tells me she is going to the local “Ladies club” and “buy” some “sausage” with all those singles! lol Next stop… Magic Mikes!


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