And its not even the weekend!

So G is getting ready for the trip to CA (land of hookers and blow). As you know we have to get her ready, so during so I found a treasure trove of wtf!


We started our outing by going to the Local Dunkin doughnuts to try their new Steak sandwich, I cannot say i was opposed to the steak, however someone does not vegan or turkey sandwich! LOL EWWWW






I love my coffee as much as the next person…. but I do not think I want a learning disabled honey bun .



I found this and got all excited! I wanted to get the Tyrannosaurus Rex one but all I could get was the Blue whale! Fit kind of tight too damn it! :X 







Hey look random squirrel!




You drink this Saki it Fuki you up!





A switch witch…. So this  Gives whole new meaning to “switch hitter”! (Thats right… you take that stick and run with it! lol)





Tongue foam…..What can I really say here that would make this seem any worse then what you perverts are already conjuring  up in your twisted little minds! HA!



The next few pictures are part funny and somewhat disturbing. Definitive proof we as a society have some REAL mental issues that need to be addressed and blaming external sources like videogames and movies are not the answer!


20131018_195910_zpsba76a93f 20131018_200156_zps709989ba 20131018_200250_zpsa94327db


On a lighter note (pun intended) who wants to shove a full sandwich in your toaster with a paper bag around it and see if it catches fire!? Anyone… any volunteers? no one? ok moving on



ok maybe this next one is skirting the lines of racism and for that I meant no harm… but when I read these labels all I could think was “These sound like knock off boy bands!”.





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