Need more cowbell

So something a friend of mine posted made me recall the time I worked at “the big blue box”..  I had a manager named Jessica who by all accounts was the most useless manager to ever walk the earth.  

One day she came up with the concept after seeing the SNL skit  that anytime we needed to push more service plans she or a member of management would walk around the store banging on a cowbell. Most times this was done by her as the other managers thought it was a not so positive motivator. However they let her do it since she was currently sleeping with the GM and wore skimpy clothing. (not that I am complaining on that last part)


So finally one days she was making an hourly habit of the cowbell and customers were asking why such a thing was being done. I explained what it was for and they became even more annoyed at the fact that we as employees had to deal with this more than just their one time. I was never quiet on my opinion on the motivator and even suggested one time the bell be done away with. 

After about a month of this the bell suddenly disappeared and no one was caught on camera removing it from the managers desk area or “the bridge”.  It was announced that it had gone missing and needed to be returned, many eyes looked at me that day. lol


As far as I know to this day they never found it. Maybe when the store either moves or goes out of business they will find the bell jammed deep behind the desks in the 2 inch gap no one knew about because of the way the desk is made. 🙂


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