So this is what it is like to hit bottom

So of all the photo trends I have seen most I understand and a small few I can appreciate. ducklips to planking I most likely have seen it all. However this dear readers has to be the end all be all epitome of human stupidity.

The now newest craze is to take pictures of your dog doing it’s natural business and then the owner tries to make it look artsy in some form or fashion!

It now has become even more apparent that technology has indeed made some of us gibbering morons.

For or more to read please click the link to a news story on this! Dog poop


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  1. Yeah, just when you think that some people can’t get even more mindlessly ridiculous than the lowest level they have already descended to, they find a way to sink even lower, and become even more mindless than ever before. It’s like there’s no bottom to stop the devolution of human intelligence into complete idiocy.

    So once again, we need to use sarcastic humor to make fun of the idiots and expose their idiocy with ridicule that brings on lots of scornful laughter from others, as a kind of pop culture aversive therapy. Behave like an idiot? Get subjected to the laughter and ridicule of others, for being exposed as an idiot. .

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll also try to do more of the same on my end.

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