Shopping and laughing

So as always going shopping for me is an adventure as well as a chore. Because of such we are all entertained!

From the start of the morning I knew this was going to be interesting. G was unpacking all her stuff from Blizzcon when I came around the corner and found my cat like this. Yes he is ok…. physically… mentally in another question entirely. lol


First item we have for your pleasure is FORBIDDEN RICE!!! (said in a loud reverberating voice like OZ) I guess if you eat this demons will walk the earth in hopes of eating your soul? Well at least everyone gets a tasty side dish. 


Nice Item up for bid is Guns and Roses pub glasses. Sad when the glasses have lasted longer than the band did. 


This next item is for you gamers out there. I really love the fact it helps squeeze and hold!


Ever wonder if a bear shits in the woods? Well if this is correct it does… along with the duck, deer and black Labrador retriever. 


Upon leaving I could not help but noticed this advance in modern technology or as I like to think of as enabling the lazy and stupid. This seem very legitimate to have a machine that you swipe your credit card (that could contain your home address) on to make a copy of your house key….. Yep no chance that might be questionable. 



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