Condoms and condiments!

Ok So I may have tricked you a small bit… there are no condoms! lol

So i was watching a British comedian named Dave Gorman last night because I couldn’t sleep (not that he put me to sleep mind you) and he mentioned HP brown sauce. Which is basically their version of A1 here.

This sparked an idea for looking at very interestingly named condiments. LOL here is what I found. 


To start this little adventure we have One Mean Mustard. Not sure if it grumpy or it will mug your tongue and beat the crap out of your intestines. 




here we have OK sauce. When you want a meal that is is not very memorable and you really are not looking forward to reminiscing years from now…. just use OK sauce. 







Not sure what “gentleman’s relish” is code for but according to the label is s great on Hot toast. Again not judging but curious why you would put relish on toast!? lol







Not sure if I am supposed to eat these sauces or salute them! lol  Lets just hope the ketchup doesn’t dress like a lady to get out of the military! (lets see how many people get that reference!) 






So “mate” is a term used in some areas to describe best friend or close to that. So it makes me wonder is the spread made for your mate, made from your mate or to be paired with something that it will be best friends with.  Though vegans will be happy they can have it. 







I know there is a West Virginia joke somewhere here I just know it! 






Not sure about you all…. but I never want to cream my salad… ever.. never ever




and in the same respect I do not want SEMEN in it either… though this definitely puts a new spin on “tossed salad”.  HA




Ever eat a boring and  bland beaver? Well here is a great way to spice it up! I imagine after smearing a good amount of this you will want to just dive face first into that finger licking good beaver! 




ok so this is not a condiment…. but you have to admit it is interesting…. although since the entire site was in japanese I was not sure if this a cookie or magic mushrooms!



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