Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013 wrap up

So here we are on the cusp of the finality of 2013. Since I will be on vacation and traveling, I wanted to do this possibly last post of the year and wish all of you my readers, fan and friends a good Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and New Years. (For the atheists and egnostics have a good weds!) 

2013 itself had its moments and it’s quiet times (mainly now because I work from home and avoid most stupid people), however I am still able to deliver to you all quality entertainment. For those of you that submitted ideas and content I thank you as well! 


In closing I hope your 2014 is as good if not better than 2013. For me just looking out my window and seeing the numerous potential idiots out there, I am very hopeful lol.  in closing I leave you with one of my favorite songs that the title alone conveys my feelings at this time. 

Feel free to click the link and enjoy the show!