Here we go a googlin’….

So since I could not sleep last night I figured i would look up some things that struck my interest.  I decided on this particular round to look up “Play doh fun factory”.  Some of the results leave me wondering to say the least. lol (Fyi the last image os slightly graphic so if you have a weak stomach you might not want to look at it lol)

First on the list is a perfume that is the scent of Playdoh… Not sure if you would use this to attract milfs or teachers.. lol


I really have no words to describe this… just makes me wonder if these guys got the translation “6 pack” confused with “muffin tin” lol


Not sure what Victorian white people have to do with Play doh….but hey when do we question what doesn’t make sense here?!


Ok If this car is made out of Play doh I am never buying it Though does make me wonder if you hit the horn blue play doh squirts out the tail pipe….. ok that sounded dirty didn’t it? lol


So I know that you can make play doh “spaghetti” but this really worries me that they may be suggesting ingredients… 


Not sure what this is but they definitely love BACON!BACON!BACON!


This last one is for all you WalkingDead fans out there! LMAO (some of you might have to click on it to view it fully)



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