Back in the saddle again.

So as we all know we are now in the new year of 2014. In doing so I shall hopefully find a whole new crop of weirdos, oddballs and general WTF to appease your collective sense of humor. Unfortunately nothing significant has happened in the last week or so, however I do have some items up for bid from last year!

G got some gift cards for Christmas and wanted to go get some stuff while we were out getting groceries as well.   

First item up for your viewing pleasure is what I like to think of as a “diet” doughnut. Seems someone decided to eat the frosting off this treat and leave it behind to help you on your post holiday diet! 


Next item up is Lime and salt popcorn…. not sure if tequila is a good compliment to this snack food but I am sure there are some of you dying to try! lol Suddenly the scene from Caddyshack with Chevy chase taking a shot comes to mind! 


Next item we have is this massage bar!  I honestly am not sure how this device works per-say, but I would be amiss if I did not say it looks ribbed for your pleasure! Good thing it has that sturdy handle to get a grip on it! 


Next items is something called a Massage theraphy capsule.  I suppose one might take this after using the previous device to relieve the pain from that!? lol  Given the sheer size of this I hope you have A LOT of water!  Of course this could possibly be suppository form…


Next items is a nifty art rendering of todays man.  The artist attempted to painstakingly capture the essence of todays man. Empty hearted and walking around with huge erection all the time! HAHHAHAHAHA


After that last one this one oddly enough seems fitting. I call it “pink dolphin”.  Of course there are many like the pink dolphin, but none can compared with the sheer size of this one! Then again….some experts say size doesnt matter….. 


Next item comes from our demographic targeting line. We are trying our best to cater to all professions and callings in life. Here we have a candle we think will speak directly to law enforcement all over the world!


This next item was actually inspired by my friend Jen and her “slight” shoe fetish and love of wine. At last count I believe Jen has 200 pairs of shoes… LOL (yes later on she will be demonstrating the durability of the shoes by hitting me with one because of my joke)


Our next item is actually a day spent with the salt of earth endcap designers of WalMart. They will take you through a day of  teaching and immersing you in the rarely understood art form of endcap building. teaching you the finer nuances of what they like to call “balance and prayer” method!


Next item is from a collection of designer fly swatters! Nothing says style like smashing pestilence with Pink camo!


For those of you that can never decide what to get to quell that craving we now have this new tasty and deadly treat… COOKIE CHIPS! Youre heart with stop with excitement…. or because it is clogged after eating these.. 


This last item is not really an item for sale…more just to make you jealous as I found gas for this price per gallon! lol  



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