The power of google!

So in trying to be funny with G about her comment on twitter “Not enough coffee in the world to keep me warm!” I decided to look up the word combination of coffee and humping! Here are some of the more disturbing options I found! lol

Not sure why these ladies are being displayed. but the good thing is that the one in blue’s shorts are so tight I can see her phone number on her Iphone! lol


Ever watch wild kingdom? Well looks like someone wanted to recreate their favorite “kingdom scene” with these two species!  So if  a lion and a zebra do breed.. does that make the offspring faster because it now has racing stripes? HAHAHAHA


So what happens when you mix coffee and Horny goat weed? What looks like a methhead dry humping your coffee table it would seem! 


Because nothing brings a smile to your face like the thought of two Unicorns making the love! Makes you wonder if they go all porno style money shot does it come out as glitter?!


Yep if that last one didn’t mess you up enough, think how many times you will remember this one the next time you put a starbucks cup to your lips and start sucking! 


Gives a WHOLE new meaning to “skull fucking”!


I once saw a squirrel eating a bagel (seriously) and asked him f he would like some coffee… in retrospect that could have been a bad idea! lol


Imma gonna hit this good! Give it a fake number and tell it “Ill call you!” OOOOOOH YEAH!!


I don’t recall this version growing up in the 70s…. but it was a different non PC time then! lol 


Unfortunately this is the end… so here is to the happy ending….s 



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