Shopping day!!








So G and I went out for some groceries and goodies since we were stuck in the apartment from the snow last week. As always the grocery store never ceases to amaze me on the weird and random stuff they carry. 


For this first item up for bid, what can I say here that the picture itself does not already say! lol  Puff puff pass?




So over to the international aisle where we find a UK delicacy and well known dish! Admit it.. you want to put it in your mouth!





Oddly enough on the end cap of this aisle was this tooth paste!  OOOOOOO YEAH!




Anyone else appreciate the irony of the defibrillator  placed next to the bacon and sausage section? 



For this next item I am not sure if I want to cook it or use it to rule over the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach (ok time to see who here are the gamer geeks). 





For those f you that don’t like lotion, pam has a multi-purpose function it would seem! 




Finally i found this little gem… all i can say is.. challenge accepted!



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  1. You leave bacon ALONE!!! LOL
    (and I’ve had that Marley tea… not bad!)

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