Again Why G hates taking me shopping.











So as always I am presented with an opportunity to shine! G is making some gifts\giveaways for the Child’s play marathon she will be doing be doing in May! In doing so she needed to get some supplies to make the gifts.  

So first thing I see when we walk in was this HUGE glass bowl that I immediately put over my head and scream to her “Look honey Imma spaceman!”.  Needles to say she facepalms and dies laughing while the people in the area walk away slowly. lol


So we begin to walk around and I find all sorts of cool stuff!



I found a Mustache ride built for two!!





I found an excellent way to prank us fat people and cops! (fuck you guys for inventing soap that looks like doughnuts BTW)






A way to give your kid huge crabs!!




I asked G if she would make me some Moccasins since we are on the Paleo diet… she was not amused!




For that annoying neighbor who’s dog(s) keep shitting on your yard, a do it yourself Lynching kit!




This is not an optical illusion…these are HUGE boxes of nerds and Mike and ikes. This pop rocks alone could be considered a weapon of mass destruction f you had a coke!






Who wants PEEP cake!?  Thinking that through… that kind of sounds dirty…



Festive Chinese food for EVERYONE!  





The prepare for Festive Chinese food!!





We then go to check out and notice that the cashier is getting very frustrated when trying to check us out. She finally says “They said we cannot touch the scanners unless it is a oversized items and so it makes it hard to scan items!”  DURFUCT!?


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