Weekend fun for everyone!


This weekend was Easter so as always time to go visit the family.  During this time G and I saw and found all sorts of fun things.


Starting the trip off we stopped at a sheetz to get coffee and snacks. As we pulled out we noticed a man pouring oil into his car and when he stood up from being bent over, we noticed he had colored his hair this neon yellow\green color. I guess when he asked for “highlights” the hair person made him look like a highlighter. lol


 We also witness this woman running full speed across the parking lot with what looked like triple E breasts in a very non-supportive bra! If she would have stopped abruptly she would have been out like a light. 


So we get down there and G gets her belated birthday present which was a giftcard for Micheals.  So we decide to go shopping.

On the way there I looked over and saw this sign.  Nice to know their to go Foodstamps have no MSG.



We get to the store… I actually saw this woman park like this and walk into the store in front of us without any sign of problem. Which makes me wonder if her “handicap” is just in her head since she could not park where there wasnt a cart in the middle of the spot. lol




It is a heart warming thing to see when you first walk in that they are encouraging everyone to get lei’d!



How hectic is your life that you need a baked potato in 4 minutes!?




I found the perfect signs for G and my Mother. (hint G doesnt like chocolate)




Not sure what bows and arrows have to do with arts and crafts….






However it makes a bit more sense I guess than Telescopes and doll babies. lol




Who wants a cup of hot pussy?




Hey parents! Kids who are into activities or less likely to get on drugs! So why not get them a marker than encourages huffing!




Hmm not sure about you guys… but I would be concerned putting this model together.




Somewhere out there is a nudist racoon….





Who wants to replace some kid’s minimarshmallows they use for hot cocoa next winter?






See what happens when you let a dragon have sex with a horse without a chainmail condom?!




I see Rogue from XMEN has been letting herself go….





So as we leave we see this sign. Nothing says honest business than being promised some badcock….plus more!




So we stopped at a florist to pick up some arrangements and I noticed this… I have no words to describe how confused at this.





I have heard of three blind mice…. but 3 drunk angels???



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