APP searching in ITunes

So the other day I was sitting at the Local McDonalds when I noticed they are promoting a new APP for McD.  I was thinking “Why the fuck would you need a damn App for McDonalds?? The only other company that there is one on almost every corner is StarBucks!  -_-



So after seeing both of these I thought “I wonder what other idiocy can I find here?


Dominoes Pizza… so because CALLING the store and ordering a pizza has become “too difficult”. So they made it so you can order it online through the website. Now that is not very convenient so now they have an APP that you can download to your phone and order the pizza through it without having to call the store on the phone.  Now I understand why they are pushing SOLs.. kids really are not very smart and willing to put forth any real effort anymore.






So on with this parade of stupidity we must endure lol

I started putting in random things that I figure people might actually look for… and boy do I hate being right sometimes.



Baby names! Because the old fashion way of thinking about one or maybe using a family name (I have always been partial to Bartholomew or hephaestus). You have to now download and app to name your future “accidents”.  Well I guess that is better than putting “Oops” or “C…c…c…….CondomBreaker!”






SO then this made me think… No way that someone would be stupid enough to make anything resembling a pregnancy test. Mark this date in your calendars kids as a day i was actually wrong and admitted it. LOL



There is an App for UK and Ireland…. Now I have friends from both areas and have been to Ireland. There are TWO types of weather there (no joke people).  Beautiful and sunny OR Torrential precipitation (that’s SHIT TON OF SNOW OR RAIN for the SOL people)




So someone wanted to make an APP for oil changing places…. I guess each company downloaded the same template and thought “This is going to be a GREAT way to distinguish us from the other guys!”




Ok This app I can actually see being useful. You can learn things that they are never going to teach you in school (yep another jab at SOL) and you can watch shows that are ACTUALLY historically accurate for a change. (Not that Sleepy Hollow is not true in saying the British were in league with the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse and George Washington was a Mason Supergenius that was brought back from the dead numerous times)






WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! 2 apps in a row that make sense AND promote intelligence and learning?!  Holy crap!



Anyone here that light puff followed by tendrils of smoke?  That was my faith in humanity being stamped out again! lol

Welcome the app about shaving a woman’s leg!  Something tells me this is a HIGHLY downloaded app by lonely and sexually confused young men. The same kind that might be stealing your panties out of the dryer from the communal laundry room at the apartment building. 




Nope.. .I change my vote! This is the most highly downloaded app by the Stolen panty sniffers that get that last app! Seriously guys… if you want to get a girl, try talking to them.  Not hard… just say  “HI!”.  Also NOT staring through the bushes at them for 20 mins beforehand might help your case. 




Ah… switching from dating and sex to something more tame. Cigars! Huh… maybe this should be called the Bill Clinton app? (yeah SOL’ers time to google some history!)




This one I had to put in just to annoy my Canadian friend Emma.  Not sure what fashion sense these guys are promoting in this magazine. All I ever see the Moose wrestlers dressed in are flannel, hockey jerseys or heavy Metal band Tshirts (usually the band reflects the era in which the individual(s) grew up!)






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