And this is why we should not let idiots drive

So on my way back from an appointment this afternoon I was driving and a woman in a red Lexus suv came over in the lane almost hitting my front end. Halfway over she gave her signal.  I got annoyed but I let it go.  


She then decided to cut over again in the turn lane without giving a signal, now I was a tad more annoyed. Again I mumbled to myself to keep my cool and let it go. 



Finally we are going through the green light and she slams on brakes with nothing coming the other way.  I finally see she is on her cel phone and not paying a bit of attention. I then lose it. I stick my head out of the window and scream “Get off the damn cel phone and drive!”


She then gets over in the left lane and I pass her at normal speed. I look in my rear view mirror as I am sitting at the next light and force myself not to look over and shoot her a dirty look.  


She pulls up and rolls down her window…”Excuse me! Were you yelling at me?” *snap*.  Yes I did because you almost hit me and then slammed on brakes causing yet another wreck because you were on a cel phone and not paying attention to your driving!”


“Well do feel that’s its appropriate you getting mad and yelling at me? With all that rage?” “Lady, you almost fucking hit me TWICE! If you weren’t driving around with your head of your ass and the cel phone glued to your ear maybe you could drive better!” 


“Well you go ahead and get angry for nothing!” “Lady I have perfect reason for being angry you almost hit me! What if next time you plow into someone and kill them because you are too busy on the phone!?” 


“Well what about you with all your road rage! You’re going to kill someone!”  “Congrats lady for making a snap judgement of me because my voice is at a heightened level! Am I driving erratically or squealing tires? No. You however nearly hit me twice and act like you did nothing wrong!” 


“Well the point is I didn’t hit you, so why are you so angry!?” “Ok we are done, keep on driving around clueless and with your head up your ass!”


She follows behind me till I pull off to go to my neighborhood and then speeds past me.  A block down the street the school bus is letting the highschool kids off and I wait for it to finish dropping off kids and leave.   I give my signal to turn and three kids decide to stop right in the entrance to the complex and have a flirtatious slap fight with one another.


I really have to get out of here, there is something in the water making people stupid.  


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