Giving to a good cause

As you all know I am a rather crude, obnoxious, vulgar and sometimes mind blowing funny ass bastard! Well today I am wearing the hat of a saint and not a sinner!


Some years ago my fiancée and her best friend started a CHILD’S PLAY marathon charity drive through their podcast. They play while live streaming for 24 hours a variety of games with one another and other people helping on the charity as well as fans of the podcast and people in the chatrooms!


World of Warcraft where they will be doing Flex Raiding on both Horde and Alliance sides. Some PvP and other assorted modes.

Starcraft they will playing arcade mode.


Hearthstone (my personal favorite) Which is a FREE card based game for Ipad, Android, pc or even mac (similar to magic the gathering or pokemon except geared for more mature audiences) I am actually going to throw my hat in on that one and play a few rounds.


DiabloIII  They will be playing different modes and difficulties.

There will be lots of interactive fun, meeting new people and watching gamers do what they do best, kill digitally created avatars!


SO come join in on the fun as it is free to all or if you like feel free to just donate to a worthy cause.  I have linked the websites IN BLUE for all the games and charity I mentioned here if you want more information or feel free to shoot me an email



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