Net Neutrality and how we can possibly end the headache before it truly starts

So as most of you know there is a big “what if” hanging in the air until this upcoming Tuesday about Net Neutrality. If by now you have in some way been under the proverbial rock and don’t know what this is…. well I am not going to damn well explain it. Use Google damn it and learn something on your own.


I digress. A LOT of opponents are making great cases for why the internet should be an OPEN internet and not controlled in any way, shape or form especially by ISP (Internet service provider) corporations such as Comcast, time warner, etc.


They have been using decent examples for what things in our lives will be impacted such as online gaming, netflix, etc.  However I was pondering the one example I have yet to see ONE person make an argument from and lets be quite honest I personally feel was the entire basis of broadband internet being created. What you may ask is this possibly ace in the hole, atom bomb of trump cards?




If you even so much as hint (hint meaning actually be brave enough to admit you look) at the severe impact on the free internet porn industry and how with the click of a button society will be reverted back to viewing their porn on the old school 14.4kbps AOL dial up days!


For those of you being born during such time the best analogy I can give you is. Dial up is to ISP  like making a sandwich is to microwaving a hotpocket!


So back to my little point. If you actua. lly let people know that this fun little activity that lets be honest more people do than want to admit to it and they realize….”Holy shit… if the start throttling… the free sites are not going to pay for premium bandwidth… and so either I wait 20 minutes for that video or the site might actually SHUT DOWN!”, you will see a unimaginable tidal wave of angry (possibly horny) individuals wanting the open internet!  They will be coming from all walks of life, classes, races and brandishing their proverbial pitchforks and torches! Though I would love to see a march on D.C. of people protesting with real pitchforks and torches demanding free and un-throttled porn!


Maybe you agree maybe you don’t. That’s cool. Just thought I would give everyone something to think about.




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