I honestly have no idea who is more nuts here!

So it seems the FBI have classified the band INSANE CLOWN POSSE as a “loosely afilliated hybrid gang”.  In turn ICP launched several lawsuits to have this struck down and failed.  To be honest I am not sure which party here is more guilty of wasting time, tax money and  general patience of the country.  My own personal feelings on the band itself not being taken into account, ICP really is nothing more than a group of entertainers putting on a show that pushes the envelope of good tastes to some individuals.


The only thing I could see that would give credibility to the FBI’s “case” is the fact that the  fans identify themselves as “Juggalos”. To my knowledge I cannot recall any other   group of fans identifying themselves in such an “organized” manner.  If I am wrong on this statement please educate me as I am always willing to learn something new.


As for the FBI wasting such time on a group of people painted up like clowns on acid and jumping around spewing lyrics of violence and debauchery, hell you may as well put every rap, heavy metal and justin bieber under investigation.  Actually to think about it, didn’t justin bieber start the movement bieber fever? Wasn’t he a direct influencing factor for kids causing self harm because he smoked!?  I say we drag this cult leader in and water board him!


Anyway if you guys would like to read about this (pun intended) 3 ring circus, the links is below.


Come one come all!


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  1. Imposter Chalk

    I think beliebers are a thing. Im pretty sure there are a couple more but im blanking now.

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