And this is why telemarketers hate me lol

So today when I was in the middle of a support call I got a automated call that starts “Hello! This is not a sales call!”. Needless to say anytime those start out like that they ARE or they creditors. Seeing all my stuff is paid up that only makes it the other option (plus I never give my company phone number much less my direct extension to any service I sing up for).


So the automaton starts “A friend or colleague has suggested you to receive a free wireless home security system!”.  Any of my friends know I don’t need a security system with all the toys I have! Heh

“We are calling today to offer you the free wireless security system with install at no cost to you!” Uh huh just like an std right!?


“If you are interested in this offer please press 1!”  Heheheh *devil horns pop up*


so I press the button and am connected to an operator. 

“hi this is britney, how can I help you today!?”  I let out a blood curdling scream so loud it scared my fiancée in the next room and then hang up! 

I love my life! 


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  1. I get the same friggin’ call!!! I’ve blocked their “number”, but, they apparently change it every other week!!!

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