Assholes and break ups

So G and I were talking about shit breakups and how badly they were handled by our exes.


She told me that her ex and her fought for several hours and finally called it quits. At the end he said “So should I stay or should I go!?” then began playing the song by The Clash with the same title.


I myself had an ex named Mellissa. Talking to her on our nightly “good night” talk she says ” Hey I want to play you something!”

I am like “OK”.  Never thing I know she plays Father Figure by George Micheals. I listen to the whole song through without asking why and suddenly the music stops and her voice previously recorded comes on. “I want break up with you!”  was what came out and immediately after that I want your sex by the same artist started playing.

Needless to say I was very confused and rather upset by the mixed messages! 😀

I personally think I won, but I will let you all vote!



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