Life hacks!

For anyone confused by the word, here is the MW definition of the word HACK

However recently people have been misusing the word when they mean being clever or using something as it was INTENDED!

So I decided to show a few of life hacks I found we have been using for a long time!


This first hack you can use to put up your clothes off the floor  OR pull our  things like keys out of places. Like a locked car or drain.




Next can be used for hours of fun and creativity or as home security. Also can be used as medieval torture to unsuspecting barefoot people



Next item can be used to light a candle or burn your Ex’s favorite clothes when he forgets to use the first life hack! Definitely beats banging two rocks together!



This next one is really an old one. It first originally was a piece of charred wood and evolved into a feather quill. It has made many children’s lives a living hell when being tested and has helped keep up many a hard working woman’s hair!



The next hack can be used to cuff your pants, pick a lock and do that hair holding up thing! Also good for home security for the barefoot prowler! Though not as good as the other one!


Bobby pins

 This next one is a really stick subject. Some of used it to repair anything from shoes to leaky pipes. Also really great for annoying people! Well doesn’t fix them but does keep them quiet till they chew through! 



This multi use hack can be used for almost everything from a screwdriver to a paint can opener! Oddly enough people use this greatest single invention since sliced bread for almost anything… but bread!



This final Hack was made originally to protect human feet from things like #2 and #4. Has a plethora of use since its invention from a makeshift hammer to insect killer! It has been also loosely applied when people need motivation to achieving a goal of some sort. I believe this is one of mans greatest achievements… well besides internet and kitten videos! 




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