Well there are good ways to get your business name out there….

and then there are these!


Imagine you’re a guy and you wake  up in the morning having  to deal with this every morning!!


Of course then there is this!

Good deal on wheels or mobile pussy wagon?




Of course then again you could wake up in the morning and your wood might be like this!






Most likely because you were “eating” here!




Of course there is also the box lunch that you could have had and got the “food poisoning” from. 





Of course both swear they get good product from an impeccable supplier!





Of course they are all drinking buddies I imagine!





So because you got ill you lost your job at the first place and then say “screw it!”.  You open your own full service construction company!









Of course your first customer is your best client for life!




Which years later they decide they need to expand into other ventures!




All and all life ends up being pretty good!




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