Just another manic monday…

So my monday started out like any other… grumpy.


First call of the day was a woman who’s computer would not power on.

“My computer won’t power up and I need to get to work ASAP!”

“OK, can you check your UPS and see if that is powered up?”

“Whats a UPS!?”

“It’s a big black box about the size of a toaster that everything should be plugged into.”

“I don’t see one but let me get up and look around!”

2-3 mins later

“Can’t find it!”


“Ok can you look to see if the machine is plugged in? It may have gotten unplugged by someone on accident.”

“It looks plugged in to  me! Can you see if all our other machines are online?”

“All the machines are powered off that I can see at various times this weekend.”

“Well….let me plug this into another socket and see if it comes up!”

4-5 mins

(frustrated sigh)”It is still not coming up, I think you might need to send someone over!”

(lightbulb on my part)  Explain to me how you tried to power on your machine today?”

“I shook my mouse and clicked the the button on it like I usually do and it just comes up!”

“Ok I need to press the power button on your work station to see if it will do anything.”

30-45 secs

“I don’t see a power button, are you sure I have one!?”

“Yes all workstations come with a cutoff switch or power button. Usually it is on front of the tower itself. It is a circle with a line through it or says power!”



“I dont see a tower all I have is a keyboard and a screen!”

“Ok what kind of machine do you have and I can bring up the layout!?”


“It’s a mac! I dont have a power button on it, are you sure I am supposed to have one!?”

“Look on the back of the screen please.”

2-3 seconds and music


“Hey it came up, but it is a all white screen!”

“Thats its startup, should be back to normal in few seconds!’

“Yep, ok bye!” *hangs up*

*bangs head on desk*



Call a few minutes after that one


“I am trying to remote access our main site from our satellite site! It will not connect!”


“Ok let me get in a ticket to get the tech on you!”

*over heard while putting in the ticket*

“Girl I was on call this weekend and some fool called me at 2am about a condom getting stuck inside them!’


*and this is the point I was done for the  day* lol






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