A good person having a hard time

hey ladies & gents, 

As you know I am a rather smartassish and goofball type! I come to you today however as a (unsolicited) favor for a friend. This hard working young lady who does more for most people than I have ever heard of is one of the sweetest & most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. 


She he has fallen on some hard times due to an undiagnosed illness. She has been in and out of hospitals trying to get well to no avail. She has gotten so I’ll, she has had to take u paid time off from work and this has depleted what little savings she has! 

Some other friends have started a collection for her to help her out just so she can buy food , pay her rent/bills and make it so she can afford to  feed her furry child. 

I come to you fellow bloggers and readers with hat in hand, hoping that some of you might find it in your heart to help this humble woman. You can do so if you like by donating a small monetary sum or simply passing along her link so others can have the opportunity to assist her! 

Anything you all can do would be very appreciated plus you have my gratitude by simply taking the time to read this. The link is right below, you can either click or cut and paste!  




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