Totally legit toys….. Not so much

so ….. In line with my recent Wtf moments …. We have less than legitimate toys!


C3p-Ho …..for those wanting their own sex robots to make a wookie happy! 



Shark Norris! Because we needed an Even more ultimate killing machine! 



Since the new “reboot” or knock off so some would say for ghost busters is out… Only fair to have a less than genuine toy don’t you think? 



My lover mermaid

…..yeah disney is really getting progressive on their animated films! 



Spaderman! Able to confused the shit out of the average kind in a single look! Wonder if it has pre-recorded messages like “I am boot-man!” Or “for the power of grayscale!”



Ok now they are just getting lazy for starwars names! Guess this was inline with george Lucas’ vision!?




ET sha come back to kick ass and eat Reese’s pieces….& he’s all out of Reese’s pieces!



Hey look! It’s a new smurf! Crackyhead smurf! He’ll smurf the hell out of your Pipe for a smurf off his!


Last but not least…what childhood isn’t irreparably damaged without “happy meal” knock off Ronald! However he prefers his street name “Wizard Skull”! 




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