What happens when you don’t stop and think

Recently the university of northwest texas brought out a new coffee cup in their gift store! 

As  with all innocent things some group of militant asshats had to point out something that really wasn’t a problem… Till they made sure it was. 


Seems they felt that this looked too much like the word Cunt & like good little social justice warriors took to Twitter, Instagram & all the other networks they had in their arsenal to make sure everyone knew their outrage. 

They in fact did such a stellar job it was picked up by the news media and a whirlwind shitstorm brewed up. 

Due to such attention the entirety of asshats United started spam bombing & tweeting the school on how insensitive they were forcing them school to pull the merch & costing them money. 

Dont get me wrong, I am sure that it didn’t break them or cost them a whole lot. However it’s the point of the matter. Someone saw something that really wasn’t there & convinced others it was! 


My question is where was your fucking outrage when this card came out? 


Or an actual much that says CUNT on it!? 




If you are going To impose political correctness on one group or person, you have to seek them all out. Picking and choosing just makes you look like a twat! 😈


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