Monthly Archives: March 2018

Customer service is #1 priority! Stop laughing!

So went to mail some packages at the local post office today and one of which we needed to put a hold on at the local post office where it’s going. When I get there and tell the person at the window what I need done, they were confused and moved me to the next window because they didn’t know how to proceed on my request. The next person grabbed  a supervisor to ask how to put a hold on the package going to the location where it was supposed to go to.

After much deliberation we found out that the option there is grayed out so they can’t actually do it And would have to be done at the post office where it supposed to arrive. At this point the second person that was helping me pushes the packages back to me and looks at me like “what else you want!?”.

I then proceed to give them a very puzzled look and go “I still need to send these out I’d like to pay for them now!”.

He looks back at his supervisor goes “oh OK we can do that right?”.

And you wonder why I hate people!? Lol